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Incredible Vocals and Instrumentation Characterized The Stews Show in Columbia, SC

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The Stews held a concert at The Senate on February 11th as part of their “Winter Tour”, and the night was anything but cold. This show was their 11th of the tour, but, to the fans, it felt like the only night of the tour. The atmosphere was electrifying the entire time!

The Stews' lead singer by Jared Wright

Before The Stews took the stage, the band Easy Honey, from Charleston, SC (about an hour south of Columbia) provided the perfect prelude with great vocals and incredible instrumentation. The audience adored the band and the energy that they brought as they warmed up the entire room in preparation for The Stews.

You could feel the excitement and expectation in the room before The Stews took the stage growing by the second. Fans enthusiastically sang every song and found themselves cheering in anticipation when the next song’s first note was played.

Their performance included original songs including "Notions" and "Slip Away".

Towards the end of the concert, The Stew’s lead singer and guitarist Preston Hall, with incredibly strong vocals, belted out the beginning line of “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath. The entire room went crazy and sang along as the

band rocked along to this classic song. When the Stews finally sang "Make it out," their most popular song according to Spotify, they had every single fan singing along.

As the fans exited the venue, the atmosphere was still buzzing with enthusiasm. Overall, I had a fantastic time at this show. The Stews still have 14 shows left of their winter tour (concluding in Mid-March), and I highly suggest going to one! View the remaining dates for their tour here.

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