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In Therapy by We Three

"In Therapy" Cover Art by @marissa.l.k

On March 10th, We Three released a single called “In Therapy.” We Three is a new band on the music scene. Their song comes with catchy, honest lyrics and a melody you won’t forget! "In Theory" is about uncovering your own insecurities. We Three also added some musical references from the band The 1975 into their song.

This single was so good lyrically and melody-wise. I'd totally recommend listening to it once or even a few times daily. This song made me vulnerable and very excited to listen to their other songs. They truly have a unique way of writing their songs that truly sucks you into their lyrical content and takes you to another headspace.

To talk more about We Three, they have over 200+ Million total music streams, with over 1.3 million followers on TikTok. The band usually writes relatable songs about topics such as insecurity, mental health, and love.

Happy Tour US Wave 3 Tour Flyer

We Three also sold out their UK + EU tour in 2022. They also have toured with Andy Grammer on his “Wrong Party Tour" as his supporting act.

They also are going on tour in the US this spring! Their “Happy Tour - Wave 3 (Midwest)” started on March 11th in St Paul. If you haven’t yet, go get your tickets. They will also be having shows in Chicago (IL), Pontiac (MI), Milwaukee (WI), Cleveland Heights and Columbus (OH), Nashville (TN), and their last stop will be at Kansas City (MO).

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