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In Hindsight, You'll Love Homebody

Homebody is a Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based band which has gritty vocals, heavy guitar, and lyrics with depth. On Wednesday, February 8th, they released a single, titled "Hindsight" which features lyrics that are introspective on missing out on life due to a partner's treatment of the listener/reader in a relationship. The song is fast-paced, and dripping with metaphors, that grab the attention of many listeners. If you like Can't Swim, Microwave, Thrice, or any other post-emo/punk bands, you'll love Homebody.

Hindsight incorporates many different metaphor-filled lyrics such as "Almost claimed another victim to your downfall. Induce the coma, keep us dreaming," which show the raw emotions that Austin, the lead singer, was feeling at the moment while writing the song, compared to being in the weird margin between life and death. The cover shows lit fireworks streaming into the sky, lighting up the dark space around it, and I think that's a good metaphor for what Homebody's music does. All of their songs are a commentary on the tragedies of everyday life, but they have a hopeful tone overall.

"Hindsight" Cover Art

Songs such as Hindsight are so important to many people because they encapsulate the pain of everyday life. No matter what age category you fall into, most will find something they relate to in Homebody's discography, which is impressive for a band of their size. Alabama is not usually known for post-emo, but Homebody is looking very promising. The single is out on all platforms and definitely deserves some attention. I can't wait to hear what's next for this band.


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