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"IHYFWYLF" by Hexproof

"IHYFWYLF" Cover Art

Hexproof (a reference to the card game, Magic The Gathering) has been creating a buzz recently after winning a Battle of the Bands competition just outside of Nashville in 2023. They describe their sound as a hybrid strain of alternative, punk, acoustic, and hard rock. The band started out as an acoustic duo out of Tampa, Florida but is now made up of lead singer Atlanta Jade, drummer Chris Ram, guitarist Chris Chaos, and bassist Devin Vanté. With this lineup, Hexproof has been creating music from personal experiences, using passionate emotions to reach anyone who may feel out of place or put down. And, their newest song does just that. The single, "IHYFWYLF," is high energy and gives a sort of Midwest emo vibe to Hexproof's signature sound that makes them stand out in rock. "IHYFWYLF" is an acronym for "I hope you find what you're looking for." Atlanta shared with us that the song is about relationships that don't succeed. She says, "Instead of pleading for understanding or commitment, the focus is on finding someone who resonates with your vibe and who aligns with your energy. If they don't align, you simply wish them well and have them be on their way."

With this song, Hexproof expresses a message that is important to their band, that failure is just part of growth and something to learn from. They want their listeners to know that letting go of things can become motivation and transform aspirations into a reality, and that is what they have been doing with their music. Hexproof's journey has led them to a place that is sure to give fans exactly what they're looking for. Atlanta left us with a single, chilling quote to close out her statement, "I hope you find what you're looking for, even if that's not me."

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