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Idles became our "idols" on their final night of tour in Dallas

The show started off with “IDEA 01,” which expertly built up the anticipation for the rest of the night. Then, in true Brit-punk fashion, things got a little insane. The energy in the room changed, the crowd turned into an angsty mob, and I was transported to a completely different room. Two songs in and the guitarist was riding the crowd with the fans nearly pushing over the barricade, and I was suddenly no longer a skeptic, but a fan. 

The intensity was continuously building, with the mob growing bigger and bigger as the night went on. Near the end, every mouth was screaming, “CONCRETE TO LEATHER,” with every ounce of energy they had. Joe Talbot addressed the crowd, thanking us for making them feel welcome in our home. He spoke on his sobriety, peace, love, inclusivity - and it felt like he was speaking directly to me. To you. Like we were just old friends catching up. 

The night ended with Alicia Gaines of Ganser joining Idles on stage for “Rottweiler.” Ganser could not have been a more perfect mixer in the Idles cocktail. I came to the show feeling out of place and left the show feeling like I was a part of something, a community. Idles put on an unforgettable show, and I look forward to seeing them again as a fan, so I can scream all the lyrics and lose my mind with my new friends.

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