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"I'm Good" by Miranda Joan

Brooklyn-based and Montreal-born soul-pop artist Miranda Joan released her most recent single, "I'm Good," on April 20th. Miranda Joan has shared the stage as a backing vocalist for influential artists such as Lorde, Shawn Mendes, and more. Along with that, she's done multiple national tours, as well as sold-out and headlining shows. Her style is heavily inspired by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Carole King, Anderson Paak., and Little Dragon, as she takes inspiration from both classic and contemporary artists. Her musical style leans into the soul, R&B, jazz, and pop genres. She mixes these in a unique way, creating a soul-pop sound. "I'm Good" is best described as a reminder to take pleasure in the small things in life, and to not lose hope in the face of bad times.

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Miranda's "I'm Good" begins with a lo-fi, hip-hop beat, with a very calm, atmospheric, almost coffee-shop type style. Her vocals are smooth and driving, as they harmonize beautifully with the instrumental. The song continues to have a calm, relaxed feeling while the lyrics create a feeling of resilience and hope. Finally, the instrumental has a build-up, as do her vocals, leading to a section of the song that feels more heavy and intense, both due to the musical energy created and the lyrical content. The song returns to feeling calm and atmospheric, before finally fading out with a piano-synth outro and Miranda's vocals.

To further support Miranda, you can follow her on her Instagram or Twitter! You can also learn more about her and watch her music videos on her official website!

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