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I'm Gonna Stay Right Here at the YUNGBLUD Show

Jannus Live is a frequent flyer venue for us at Musaholic. This time around, we checked out the opening night of the North American leg of YUNGBLUD's World Tour! Fans began lining up the night before, in dedicated preparation for the show. As morning came around, more and more fans gathered in St. Petersburg, and the line wrapped around the building before noon.

The night began with our Pride 2023 cover artist, Sophie Powers. Sophie pulled the crowd in, and The Regrettes kept them dancing. Both acts ruled the stage with high-energy vocals and instrumentals that got the crowd jumping and singing along.

When the time came for YUNGBLUD to enter the stage, the crowd was impatient, chanting "YUNG-BLUD! YUNG-BLUD!" until the lights and pre-show music disappeared. It was a beautiful chaos from the moment they entered the stage.

They opened up the show with "superdeadfriends," arguably one of the most energetic songs on their discography. Dom is known for being super high energy on stage, running around, jumping, kicking, and just any movement you can think of. He brought that high energy to the show and multiplied it by 200%. The next two tracks they played, "The Funeral" and "Tissues," are off of their most recent album, YUNGBLUD. These two tracks catered to the newer fans in the audience, but the entire crowd was singing along. "Die For The Hype," off YUNGBLUD's debut album 21st Century Liability, was up next, and Dom proved he could perform his older music with fresh influence and growth, and it sound absolutely amazing. Dom kept the energy going with "Strawberry Lipstick" and "Parents." During "Parents," a fan threw their pride flag on stage, and Dom immediately grabbed it and waved it around to emphasize to his LGBTQ+ fans that they are safe at a YUNGBLUD show.

via Nolan Fisher

Dom then disappeared from the stage to search for a non-existent "b-stage." He ended up making his way to one of the bars and stands up on that to use as his "b-stage" for the next track, "Fleabag." He cooled off the fans by emptying water bottles into the crowd before making his way back to the stage to pick a fan from the crowd to choose the next song.

Giving this fan the choice between "Medication" and "California" made the night more personal. The fan chose "California" with the help of the crowd. Personally, having seen this song performed in the past a few times, this time felt different. This rendition felt more dark and heavy on the drums and bass. It had a nice extra kick that felt refreshing. Keeping the 21st Century Liability vibes, "Anarchist" was up next, which really catered to the long-time fans. In a shock to the crowd, Dom and Adam, the lead guitarist, played an acoustic version of "Casual Sabotage," which had not been played for North American fans since May 2020 in Los Angeles until now. It was a very emotional performance, and Dom spoke on the recent laws and policies being put into place that make simply living so much tougher for those who identify as LGBTQ+. The band then went on to play "Sex Not Violence," which was a fantastic transition from the slow and emotional "Casual Sabotage" to the next song, "I Think I'm Okay." Before starting "I Think I'm Okay," Dom brought a fan on stage to come out in front of the audience and, of course, everyone cheered and supported them.

The encore ended the night perfectly with YUNGBLUD's most recent single, "Lowlife," and their 2019 single "Loner." The whole night was filled with insane vocals and instrumentals, and the fan interaction Dom puts into his performances truly makes every show special. Check them out at a show near you!

All Images of YUNGBLUD, The Regrettes, and Sophie Powers by Nolan Fisher.


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