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“I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love” With Eli Smart at Bottom Lounge Chicago

On Thursday, August 3rd at 11 pm, Eli Smart joined the Lollapalooza afterparty by opening for Declan McKenna at Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois. The venue itself has an edgy, underground type of vibe that lends itself to a more intimate show. The crowd was energetic and excited from the very beginning.

Eli opened with his popular song “I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love” that had fans singing along from the very start. The energy ramped up even more when Eli introduced the band members, which includes his grandmother Denise, who plays the bass. Famous in her own right, Denise was a previous member of the band Ace of Cups, and was the favorite of the evening.

The setlist for this special show was different than other nights, with a special surprise for the last song: Declan McKenna joined the stage, and the crowd was ecstatic. In addition, the band members switched up roles where Jordan played the bass for one song while Denise joined in on the harmonica.

Once Eli left the stage, Declan’s preshow playlist kept the crowd energized with songs like “Twist & Shout,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends?,” and “Like A Prayer.” Declan came on stage to enthusiastic cheering, ready to sing and dance until the early morning. As with previous shows, Eli and Jordan came on stage for a song that showcased how much fun the tour has been.

All Images of Eli Smart via Jennifer Mullins.

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