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I Found My Brain by Eden Rain

In a world where forced conformity is much too normal, Eden Rain’s upcoming track, “I Found My Brain,” confronts the ever-present feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. Out on September 7th, this song delves deep into the relatability of losing your sense of identity and having a desire to just be wanted for who you are.

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Based in London, Rain is deliberate when choosing a steady rhythm and smooth melody for her music. Sang almost like poetry, Rain delivers her lyrics with conviction, painting a clear picture of how faux-authenticity hangs over the realm of dating and how the relentless pursuit of validation can easily overshadow one’s self-image and worth. Rain’s vocals ascend with the bridge, conveying an emotion that can only be described as desperation–a moment that comes crumbling down to the realization that no matter how much she changes herself for someone else, it’s just not enough.

Rain describes her inspiration for this song as the following, “[We] really struggled to feel like we had a voice in relationships/situationships and would just sort of place our brains and comfort out of the picture and do and be whatever for someone who wanted us.” It’s a personal song, born from setting aside your own self-worth to mold yourself into someone you don’t even want to be, just for the small chance that someone else does.

The song closes with Rain repeating the phrase “never enough” four times. This repetition serves as a desolate reminder that regardless of Rain’s efforts to impress others, regardless of how much she’s changed herself to fit in, it will never be enough to fill the void within herself. It’s emotionally charged and intensifying, capturing the profound feelings of frustration and longing that no person can truly ever fix.

“I Found My Brain” is a wonderful narrative that navigates the worthless pursuit of external validation, so much so that you lose yourself along the way. Through her strong vocal performance and a message that hits home about personal inadequacy, this song is absolutely worth a listen.

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