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Hopeless Romantic by NIGHTBREAKERS

NIGHTBREAKERS, the alt-pop band out of Tampa, Florida, released their newest single, “Hopeless Romantic” on July 22nd. This song is not only about feeling nostalgic about the 90s, but also about falling in love with someone in the moment. “Hopeless Romantic” starts off with a guitar riff that is revisited once the chorus begins. It’s overall an upbeat song with lots of early 2000s pop vibes, with little hints of pop-punk instrumentals.

Hopeless Romantic cover art via Spotify

This isn’t the first version of the song. In 2019, the alt-pop band would perform this song live with unreleased lyrics. The original lyrics focused on a less happy note about heartbreak, while the newly released version talks about the happy parts of falling in love. Comparing the two versions, the recently released version has clearly been worked on and improved since the original version. The first verse in the original version focused on the lover leaving after their moment and not reaching back out. While the improved, recently released version focuses on finding their lover again but staying reminiscent of their past relationship.

“Hopeless Romantic”, although altered from its original form, still keeps the iconic chorus that talks about remembering his past lover’s “denim jacket, red lipstick”.

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