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"homesoon" by The Forum

Florida indie-rock band The Forum released their brand new single "homesoon" today (March 10th)! "homesoon" is a track about the hardships of a long-distance relationship. This track is perfect for those who are in a long-distance relationship and are struggling with how to cope with the heartache that comes with it. It also puts the patience needed to successfully get through this stage into perspective.

"homesoon" cover art

The Forum is ready for a year full of releases starting off with "homesoon". The Forum toured last fall promoting the release of their single "Honeyspace". After touring, the band decided to finally work on a sound that had its beginnings while recording "Honeyspace" in early 2022. We're finally getting to hear it in "homesoon"! The track dives into the hard parts of living far away from someone you're in a relationship with. The song compares the wait to be together as a long drive, and the moment you two finally reunite as the finish line. It can feel like a waste of time if the relationship ends before that finish line is reached so the lyrics beg to hold on just a little while longer and not give up on each other.

If we can work this out, I know Those miles won’t seem so far to row Wait up now, I’m gonna come home soon Way uptown, but I’ll roll right back to you

Even on just the first listen you'll have the urge to sing along and dance to this infectious chorus, paired with pulsing synthesizers & chiming guitars. The Forum's signature drum builds and guitar hooks create an atmospheric sound that has "a heartbeat and breath of its own". Check out the track on all streaming platforms! Keep an eye on The Forum, they've got a lot of exciting plans for this year!

The Forum via Valentina Ramirez

The Forum is...

Ethan Klohr (Drums), Michael Higgins (Vocals), & Jake Farrell (Bass)

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