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HOLY FVCK by Demi Lovato

Demi has returned to their rock roots with their latest album "HOLY FVCK," taking us on a journey of 16 tracks that teaches us about Demi's life experiences, exploring themes such as their sexuality and identity. The record stays fresh with unique vocals and guitar and drums-heavy instrumentals. These elements and the personal experiences explained in the lyrics make this an incredibly mature album.

“HOLY FVCK” begins with “FREAK,” a collaboration with YUNGBLUD, to embrace the meaning of being an outcast while being in the spotlight. Everyone has their eyes on you, but you still feel in control as you accept yourself for who you are.

The next track, “SKIN OF MY TEETH,” is the lead single. The lyrics tell the story of their addiction and the stigma around it. Demi describes how people do not understand what addiction entails while humanizing the struggles during the bridge, as they sing: “I’m your son and I’m your daughter, I’m your mother, I’m your father, I’m just a product of the problem.” “SUBSTANCE” follows "SKIN OF MY TEETH's" theme to describe how the world has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this song, Demi looks at more meaningful human connections to embrace the present moment.

“EAT ME” and “HOLY FVCK” bring out the feeling of being proud of who you are. Royal & The Serpent accompany Demi on “EAT ME” to explain her evolution. The lyrics “I know the girl that you adored, she’s dead, it’s time to f*cking mourn” during the chorus are incredibly powerful. “HOLY FVCK” combines Demi’s lower register with religious and sexual connotations. The meaning of the title itself questions the good (holy) versus evil (f*ck) dilemma.

“29” explores Demi’s reflection on their past romantic relationships. The lyrics include personal impressions such as “Seventeen would never cross my mind,” calling out the age difference.

“HAPPY ENDING” puts into words the message of dying while trying. Demi tells their story through hopelessness, singing lyrics like “being the poster child didn’t fill the void.” Demi wants this song to make their fans feel like they are not alone. Someone has gone through what they are going through, and there is a way out.

The next three tracks bring out Demi’s most sensual side. “HEAVEN” explains the eternal conflict of trying to explore oneself sexually while also being raised in a religious environment. This song is about Demi liberating themselves from their spiritual values and loving themselves with no restrictions. “CITY OF ANGELS” transports the listener to Los Angeles, referencing the famous Roxy Theatre, Disneyland, and Beverly Hills. This fun track includes some of the best high notes from the album. “BONES” is full of energy, describing how craving and infatuation for someone will literally make you jump their bones.

“WASTED” and “COME TOGETHER” give deeper meanings to describe the feeling of falling in love. “WASTED” explains how getting wasted on someone is better than feeling high from drugs. The outro calms the explosive song with her vocals and some strings. “COME TOGETHER” could be seen as a beautiful love song, but Demi has left it open to more interpretations, as they say is another sexually-driven melody.

“DEAD FRIENDS” is a vulnerable eulogy that Demi has written to her loved ones. This track will take you through an emotional journey as they start asking: “I danced with the devil, I made it through hell and I don’t know why, How am I different? I did and they didn’t and it doesn’t feel right." Demi proceeds to appreciate all the good memories that they have spent together.

“HELP ME” is the last collaboration from this album. Demi and Emily Armstrong's (Dead Sara) synergies combine perfectly through this angry letter to the internet. The chorus calls out people that have “tried to help” Demi without knowing their real struggles.

"FEED" is all about Demi taking control of their life by acknowledging that everyone has angels and demons inside. They explain how your own decision will feed either part.

The album concludes with “4 EVER 4 ME,” a perfect song to finish the tracklist. Although “HOLY FVCK” explores deeper themes about their struggles, Demi wants to show there is still hope to fall in love. There is still room to try over and over again. It truly gives perspective on this emotional album.

Demi's personal storytelling shines with this release, and their rock style is a great fit to deliver these tracks in the most passionate way possible.

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