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Hibernation is Okay, "Bed (For A Year)" by Eden Rain

The past couple of years has been some of the most hectic times of many people’s lives, having to adjust to several different events happening worldwide. Some days all you want to do is stay in your bed and hibernate. This song is an ode to those sorrowful yet calm days. With its soft pop beat and angelic vocals, Leeds-born artist Eden Rain is back with another release, “Bed (For A Year),” released February 16th, 2023.

Courtesy of Eden Rain's Instagram (@edenintherain)

When asked about the release of this song, Eden Rain stated “Bed (For A Year)” is based on a book she was given back in high school titled “The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year,” written by Sue Townsend. The book was about a woman who spent her life caring for her teenage twins with an ungrateful husband. When the twins moved away, she made the decision of staying in bed for a year, putting herself in isolation. One’s bed can be the most comfortable place to be when you’re feeling down, and Eden related to that herself and wanted to create a song based on this feeling and book.

Before getting into the music, the first thing I noticed was the single’s cover art. The art is filled with a bright yellow background with piles of objects scattering the ground. Everything is in color except for the person who lays in the bed atop all the objects creating a picture of loneliness and isolation that helps set the mood for what’s to come in the song. Starting with an epic pulse followed by the electric sounds of the piano, the song opens up with Eden Rain tying in metaphors letting the audience picture the days spent in the isolated room we’re picturing. She then offers the audience a look into her mind and room, announcing “you’re welcome to sit with me rub in my Chanel cream.” Although it’s offered as an invite, the flow and mood of the song make it feel as though it’s a want, a craving for someone to stay by their side. As we move into the chorus, the mood becomes intense, having dramatic electric sounds filling the air as the lyrics are repeated. Her melodious vocals shine through as she states: “I’m going to bed for a year.” Moving into the second verse, the picture of a broken relationship is created through the lyrics, which talk about how the husband is unfaithful and his whereabouts are always unknown. As we get into the second chorus, my thoughts of it changed, thinking that the lyrics “sleep on it, sleep on it, sleep on it now” are the voices in her head telling her to rest and give the situation a break for the sake of her well-being, and the lyrics “I’m going to bed for a year” is her making that decision. The outro is filled with back and forths while her mind tells her to sleep on it, and the decision she makes to go to sleep.

Eden Rain has the goal of speaking directly to her audience, creating an environment full of respect and love for all. She looks up to artists such as Beabadoobee, Soccer Mommy, and Girl In Red, due to the genuine connections they make with their audience, and Eden Rain strives to do that as well. “Popstars shouldn’t seem untouchable,” she stated.

Eden Rain has more music on the way, working on her debut EP that's set to be released May 19th. Please make sure to check out more of her music!


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