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HEALTH in Denver

HEALTH headlined Gothic Theatre last month in Denver, supported by Pixel Grip and King Yosef

King Yosef took the stage first, starting the night off with an intense performance. His set was pure metal which got the crowd riled up quickly. In the middle of his set, the Oregon-based singer shared it was his first time playing in Denver. However, it was clear the crowd had been waiting for him. The audience wasted no time moshing and singing along as Yosef performed.

Following up was Pixel Grip. This band might be one of the coolest I have ever seen. Their sound is a mix of dark wave and pop, putting the Goth in Gothic Theatre. Their vocalist, Rita Lukea, owned the stage in a full leather bodysuit. As part of their performance, she brought one fan on stage to obey commands. Rita walked the fan around on a leash and made them dance, ending their set by being carried offstage in the fan’s arms.

After the openers had finished, fans waited eagerly for HEALTH to play. I talked with one fan on the rail who spoke highly of the band and crowd, expressing how HEALTH shows “are for everyone.” There was a very clear, strong sense of community in the crowd. HEALTH started their set soon after and wasted no time giving Denver what they wanted. Flashing lights covered Gothic Theatre as they performed hit songs from their most recent album RAT WARS including “CRACK METAL” and “HATEFUL.” Their industrial rock sound is uniquely them and made for one of the best shows I have been to this year. I highly encourage you to catch HEALTH live when you can! In the meantime, check out RAT WARS on your favorite streaming platform. HEALTH might just be your new favorite band. 

All images of HEALTH, Pixel Grip, and King Yosef by Lex Caiola.


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