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Happiness by The 1975

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The 1975 released their newest single, “Happiness,” on August 3rd. This track is the second song being released by the band this year and it will be included in their next album, “Being Funny In A Foreign Language,” which premieres on October 14th. “Happiness” premiered on The Zane Lowe Show (Apple Music 1) before being available on streaming platforms. The music video also debuted 30 minutes after its first spin.

cover art via Spotify

The track features a funky instrumental that shines throughout the duration of the song, including the introduction and the minute-long outro. With a mix of groovy strings and wind instruments, “Happiness” shows a different sound from the previously released single “Part Of The Band.” Infatuation and desire are the main themes included in the track, with lines such as “In my soul, I’ve got this feeling I didn’t know until I seen ya.” The catchy hook helps with the cool tone of the song, playing with the words “my” and both meanings of “mind” (the human brain and the action of thinking as such). The main chorus repeats “Show me your love, why don’t you grow up and see?” to reflect the admiration of the main narrator.

The “Happiness” music video adds vintage visuals to the vibes of this song, with a retro hotel being the location throughout it. As Matty Healy and the rest of the band members appear in different rooms and outfits during the video, multiple hotel guests happen to be minding their business while the song is playing. You can see them chatting, sleeping, drinking, and more. You can see the video below.

This track shows another yet remarkable style from The 1975, and their next album will be a great musical journey, having these two past singles as evidence. You can pre-order your “Being Funny In A Foreign Language” physical copy here.

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