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Guts by Caroline Romano

Caroline Romano, the 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Mississippi who describes herself as “the loudest sort of introvert” has decided to open up about coping with social anxiety on her brand-new song, “Guts.” This song goes on to talk about how anxiety can cause people to resort to alcohol in order be able to come out of their social bubble. She also talks about how anxiety can cause oversharing with the lyric “I’m throwing up my stories.”

Courtesy of Ashley Reyes (@ashleyshootsthings)

This song starts off with electric guitar and Romano’s crisp vocals, then builds up to a heavier emotional chorus, really emphasizing how anxiety can take a toll on a person. She goes on to use the lyric in the chorus of the song “my guts are on the floor, so I guess I’ll clean them up,” which I feel like is the perfect way to really explain how anxiety often tends to make people “word vomit.” Not only does this song touch on anxiety in its highest form, but it also talks about the pressure that can be put on someone’s shoulders when falling in love. The lyric “maybe I have to say something cause I want you to think I’m cool and pretty and stuff like that” really shows the need to have to talk to that person in an attempt to get them to like you, but also social anxiety blocking any door that could possibly open between you and said love interest.

I personally think that if you’ve struggled with anxiety and are looking for new music to help you cope with it, or even just to feel like you’re not alone, I highly recommend giving Caroline Romano's new song a listen.


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