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Greta Van Fleet Kicks Off "Starcatcher Tour" in Nashville, TN

Located on Broadway, the Bridgestone Arena is a multi-purpose venue in downtown Nashville and is the home of the Nashville Predators. However, on July 24, there was a takeover for the triumphant debut of the Starcatcher World Tour.

Only three days after their album release, Greta Van Fleet stormed the stage at Bridgestone Arena, equipped with an intensely captivating set. Their setlist was swept by new-yet already beloved-tracks, such as "Sacred The Thread," "The Archer," and "Fate Of The Faithful," while also revisiting some of their well-known and well-loved essentials, such as "Heat Above" and "Light My Love."

This show made for an explosive beginning to their tour, consisting of flashy pyrotechnics, cosmic backdrops emulating stars, and blazing fire that consumed platforms as they simultaneously played meticulous drum solos, lengthy guitar riffs, and elegantly belted into a sea of adoring music enthusiasts.

Greta Van Fleet continues to amaze by always surpassing their last move, and this tour will be no exception. The Starcatcher World Tour will be an unforgettable one. These shows continue into September, spanning across the United States at various venues, including their Madison Square Garden debut on September 12.

If you are a music lover, an adrenaline seeker, have an adoration for poetic verse, or are just looking to dress up and rock out, I can not recommend these shows more.

All Greta Van Fleet photos are by Han Southers

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