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Goldpark Interview: "Goldpark 2" And Their Musical Growth

We got the chance to talk to Goldpark, a musical trio that has achieved success through an incredible sound that makes you want to be on your feet. We asked them about their most recent project and their group synergy!

Photo by Nolan Fisher

What is your favorite thing about creating music with one another?

Something we always say is that we can’t help but smile when each of us is in our element (when Wes steps up to a mic, when Kyle hits a drum, when Anjee plays a note). This has been foundational to our process and has kept us excited to keep working together!

What are some essentials that need to be close to you when you're in your writing sessions?

Honestly, anything that can make a noise. A Guitar, piano, xylophone, glockenspiel, etc. Anything that sparks a section. Most of the time that’s enough to get us going!

Goldpark has grown so much since its beginnings. If you could go back in time, what would you say to that band that was just about to release their first song?

Don’t worry so much about knowing exactly who you are and the band you want to be. You’ll get closer each time you show up to do the work.

Let's talk about "Goldpark 2!" We love how every song is unique in its own way. Which song was the most fun to put together?

"I Guess It’s Never Enough" immediately comes to mind. That song in particular had a decent amount of version preceding the one you hear on the record. In its final evolution, we really through expectations out the window and decided to go purely on a feeling. So much of that song is us going “what if we did this?” “wouldn’t it be crazy if it was just this?” “can we do that?”

Photo By Nolan Fisher

We really like the instrumentals from your bridges from your discography, such as in "If That's What You Want" and "Covered In Sunshine." How do you guys put together these parts of your songs?

We definitely can get down with some bridge sections. Those two in particular were us trying to figure out how to subdue the listeners expectations. “Covered” is kind of an “anti-guitar solo” given its wild sample nature, and the bridge to “If That’s What You Want” takes you down a dark shortcut before your final destination. Sometimes a bridge can feel like a forced section or something that fills some time. We’ve always tried to make sure that if our song has a bridge, it’s well worth the listen.

Kyle has designed a ton of designs for the band, ranging from tour posters to cover arts and Goldpark merch. The aesthetic is always A+! We would love to know your thought process while creating these pieces!

Thank you! I tend to approach all of those mediums in different ways. To me, our music is pretty evocative… so I really try to make our cover art visually reflect the same feeling that the music gives us. The songs and the covers need to work together to give that same feeling to the listener. Tour poster designs aren’t as lasting, so those can be a bit more out there and usually reflect whatever I’m inspired by at that time. As for merch, we like to keep it super simple. There’s just something about a one-color design on a shirt that we dig.

The band is constantly on the road! Do you guys have any special pre-show rituals you do for every live show?

Tequila shots almost always. It puts us in a flow state.

If you could perform on stage with any artist (dead or alive), who would you choose and what song would you perform together?

Easy. Paul McCartney and we’d play "Coming Up." If Paul isn’t available, Lenny Kravitz playing "Are You Gonna Go My Way."

Outside of creating music, what do you guys like to do together?

We like to talk about movies a lot. Ha! We could probably do that forever.

You guys have had a crazy 2022 filled with new releases and touring! Can you give us any teases of what we should expect from Goldpark this year?

We’re really excited about what we’ve been writing recently. A tour for sure in the spring. A few festival dates in the summer. Better music, better pizza, Papa Johns, y’all.

You can follow Goldpark and buy tickets to their spring tour by clicking here!

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