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Godsmack Wows The Massachusetts Crowd!

July 26 was no ordinary concert. This date marked the hometown show for both headliner Godsmack and opener Staind on their 2023 summer tour. Being a Massachusetts native myself, it was incredibly special to be able to capture these moments in Mansfield, MA at the Xfinity Center.

As the night started, fans began to file into the amphitheater seats. Mix Master Mike, resident DJ of the Beastie Boys, took the stage first. He played a medley of new and old rock songs to get good vibes flowing in the crowd. After he ended his short but energizing set, fans anticipated the arrival of Staind.

Photo by Lex Caiola

Hailing from Springfield, MA, the show was a night of celebration for the band Staind. They started their set with crowd favorites including "Just Go" and "Not Again." Their entertaining set was perfectly paired with incredible lighting design. An elevated drum and screens covering the stage added to the depth and excitement on stage.

After Staind exited, energy under the Xfinity Center roof continued to build. Joined by friends, family, and fans alike, Godsmack were ready for tonight. While they usually give 110% percent on stage, this night was somehow beyond that. Their set started with an explosion of fireworks and not one, but two curtain drops. Fans roared as the Lawrence-raised band began to play the song "When Legends Rise." In this moment, the amphitheater became more than just a music venue. It was one giant party. Starting from song three, Godsmack introduced pyro to their set. Blazing fireballs danced around the band as they performed "1000hp," a song about traveling the country and putting on electrifying performances. That is exactly what this tour entailed.

Photo by Lex Caiola

Photo by Lex Caiola

All four members had bright smiles on their faces as they gazed into the crowd throughout the night. The amphitheater was filled with an unbelievable amount of love and support. You could feel it. While Godsmack won’t be returning to their home state for a while, they still have many dates left of tour. Following this summer, they kick off their second leg of shows on September 1st, joined by I Prevail, Atreyu, Flatblack, and Jason Hook.

Even if rock isn’t necessarily your thing, I highly encourage seeing Godsmack at LEAST once live in concert. Give them a chance! You might just go home with a new favorite band.

All photos of Staind and Godsmack are by Lex Caiola

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