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Girl With Headphones by Love You Later


I think this song speaks for all of us avid music lovers when I say that we have all been the person with the headphones on at least once in our lives. ”Girl With Headphones” begins with a funky, synth-pop instrumental. It then dives into beautiful and introspective lyrics about how music can help us through the times in our life when we may feel out of control. The lyrics that resonated with me were “anxious from yesterday, worried about tomorrow” and “headphones on, keep my composure.” I feel that, like myself, many other people can deeply relate to these lyrics. Music gives us the ability to escape our reality, even if just for a moment. Love You Later is the solo project of singer and songwriter Lexi Aviles. “Girl With Headphones” is a fun, upbeat song with beautifully introspective lyrics. I foresee this song being one that I scream at the top of my lungs with the windows down.

You can check out Love You Later through her website!

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