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"Fun" by Elliot Lee

"Fun" Cover Art

Brooklyn-based Elliot Lee shatters through boundaries with their single "Fun," creating a dark-pop song exploring both what it's like to be neurodivergent and wanting to have fame. They're openly non-binary and LGBTQIA+ and advocate for Autism Awareness, using their music to explore these themes and tearing down boundaries and expectations as they go. They use their voice to hold up those who are voiceless and those who are underrepresented in music. "Fun" serves as a relatable anthem for those who are neurodivergent and mask to appear neurotypical, and it also serves as a way for them to express their drive for fame as well--how both may sound intriguing and alluring on the surface, yet can actually not be what they truly want.

"Fun" begins with a short acoustic intro before devolving into a hyper, synth-pop rhythm. Elliot leads into the intro verse before a slower pre-chorus hits, leading to the chorus. The lyrics repeat, creating a strong feeling of wanting something or even obsessing over it. The beat is upbeat, but the lyrics clash with the musical style, creating a feeling that can encapsulate how it feels to mask and act neurotypical. It slows later, explaining that although it might not even be what they want--it is alluring and "It looks like fun," so they still continue to try and reach for it. The song then fades out and ends.

You can find Elliot Lee on their TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram to see more of them and support them further!

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