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From Ashes To New Captivates Pittsburgh with the Blackout Tour

From Ashes to New played a captivating sold out show at Preserving Underground in Pittsburgh, PA, bringing along their friends in Ekoh, Catch Your Breath, and The Word Alive.

First to hit the stage was Ekoh, a rapper from Las Vegas. I wouldn’t call him your ordinary rapper though-more so an alternative-rock with a twist of his own style. Although his style was a bit different than the rest of the acts coming up, he sure knew how to get the crowd riled up and going for the night. As he gets farther into his set he proceeds to interact with the fans as he begins to crowd surf and even stand up in the crowd while they are holding him. It was an all-around great performance and a great way to start the night off.

Next up was Catch Your Breath , a metalcore band from Texas. Starting off strong with a fan favorite, "Deadly," everyone was instantly on their feet and singing back to the vocalist (Josh Mowery) as he jumps down off stage and aims the mic towards the crowd. As the set goes on, Mirror is played, which conveniently is in collaboration with Ekoh. He joins the band on the stage for a live performance, and it is nothing but energetic in that room. Continuing on, they are hitting every song on the dot without a dull moment. Overall, there’s no doubt that there are big things coming for this band in 2024, solely from their live set.

Third to go on for the night was The Word Alive, a band from Phoenix, Arizona who has taken over the metalcore / post hardcore scene throughout the past few years. As this being my first time seeing TWA, I can surely say they KNOW how to show up. Starting off with “Strange Love” and immediately going into “THANK YOU,” crowd surfers upon crowd surfers are in the air as well as moshing all around. Their vocalist Tyler Smith (Telle) knew exactly how to interact with the fans and get them moving, with even pulling an 8 year old from the crowd on stage and having him scream with him. It was absolutely eccentric in that room and just good vibes all around even when a “Wall of Death” was happening during the set.

Finally to hit the stage was the headliner right from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, From Ashes To New. Beginning their set with "Armageddon," it was fiery and exhilarating right from the start. Matt and Danny know exactly how to work the stage, interact with the crowd and even some of the photographers, including myself. Hands being waved back and forth, crowd surfers everywhere, and overall a wholesome feeling of what live music is supposed to feel like.

Although they played a majority of their new stuff, they still threw it back with “Through It All” and the crowd went INSANE, belting every lyric right back at the band; you could barely even hear them singing themselves! Just as we thought they were done, they came back out with an encore, the first song being their cover of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, which was just super exciting to hear live and watch. Overall, if you didn’t get the chance to see FATN on this Blackout Tour, I highly recommend doing so the next time they roll through your city!

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