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Free Range & The Backseat Lovers Rock Denver

On May 15th, Free Range joined The Backseat Lovers on their Waiting to Spill US/Canada Tour.

Photo by Courtney Karikka

Free Range is 18-year-old Sofia Jensen’s passion project born out of Chicago. Their debut album Practice came out on February 17th and is available on all streaming services. After having seen them live, I highly recommend you give it a listen. The Denver date of this tour was the very first night they opened for The Backseat Lovers, and to say they crushed it is an understatement. The band has a very folk-indie sound, which the crowd really seemed to enjoy. At the very beginning of their set, someone needed help in the crowd, and they stopped playing automatically to make sure everyone was okay. It was nice to see a newer band so attentive to the audience because not everyone cares enough. As they opened, everyone just took everything in, and even if they didn’t know what song was playing, they were dancing and having a good time. My favorite of the night was definitely “Want to Know.” The song made me feel so warm with Jensen’s airy, light vocals and the chill sound of the instrumentals. I could see myself listening to it all summer. All the songs happened to be acoustic, which usually isn’t my thing, but I did really appreciate how it highlighted Jensen’s vocals. As they continued to play, I could feel how excited everyone was getting for The Backseat Lovers. Free Range warmed up the crowd just right. With only 12,740 monthly listeners on Spotify as I’m writing this, I truly think they deserve more hype. If you have the chance to see this band on one of the seven dates they’re playing, I recommend getting to the show early for their set. Would definitely see them again whether they open for someone else or headline a show of their own. Free Range really set the tone for the night, and I knew it was gonna be a great one.

Photo by Courtney Karikka

The Backseat Lovers’ set went off without a hitch, and the whole crowd was buzzing with excitement just waiting for the night ahead of them. I had never seen them or Free Range live before, so it was such a nice surprise to see how much energy each band had and how happy they were to be performing for everyone. As the night progressed, one of my favorite songs started to play. “Kilby Girl” was booming through the speakers, and everyone was collectively losing their minds, including me. I don’t think I’ve been to a show with such a loud crowd before. It was truly astounding to hear all the voices shouting the lyrics back at the band. It just reminded me how much music brings people together, and how much it means to so many different people. The Waiting to Spill Tour still has quite a few dates left, so if you like indie rock/folky-type music, I cannot recommend going to this tour enough. You definitely will not regret it!

All Free Range and The Backseat Lovers photos are by Courtney Karikka


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