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"Forevermore" by Laura von Mari

"Forevermore" Cover Art

LA-based artist Laura von Mari released her third single "Forevermore" on August 4th. The single comes as a precursor to her upcoming EP Forevermore, which will be released on September 8th. Beginning her career under the name Kirsi while studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths College in London, Laura started making her mark in the London dance community with her songs "In the Water" and "The Dare (By Far)" that were featured on JAGUAR’s BBC Radio 1 Introducing Dance show. During this time, she worked with Grammy-winning producers Riton, known for working with artists like Mark Ronson and Diplo, and Alex Metric, known for working with artists like Avicii and Charli XCX. With this new single, Laura pivots from dance music to indie pop, collaborating with Greg Ogan, who has worked with notable artists like Britney Spears, Sean Kingston, and Rihanna. The engineer brought a retro feel reminiscent of old-school Justin Timberlake to the track that Laura describes as being about betrayal from a role model. Laura shares, “’Forevermore’ is about someone who let me down when I trusted them and made me feel small. She was older and pretty and feminine and all the things I was jealous of. I hope it empowers listeners to revisit times when they felt powerless with a newfound sense of strength. Sometimes we owe it to ourselves to condemn those who betrayed, hurt or belittled us when we were vulnerable.” The groovy single takes us back to the 70s makes us want to light a lava lamp and sit in a conversation pit in the backroom of a cool dive bar. We highly recommend you listen to this single in anticipation of what will no doubt be an incredible EP.

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