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Floating by your hands

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

It's easy to just say "always look on the bright side of life," but is it really as easy as it looks? We believe that if we combine our positivity with music from around the world, we will be able to look out for those inescapable moments. If you want a colorful carefree song for your next playlist, "Floating" is the song for you!

via Troels

your hands is composed of Johannes Brandstrup, a 26-year-old independent artist from Viborg, Denmark, and "Floating" is his debut single! If you are a pop-indie aficionado, this track will be your latest favorite discovery!

"Floating" brings us peace and comfort with the whistling instrumental and the lyrics that make us feel so fortunate of being alive. Those little surprises make us able to conquer life obstacles and make us feel that living is actually worth it. Surrendering to life by relaxing and thinking that everything will be okay.

The instrumental sounds so ethereal, making us, well, float. The details surrounding "Floating" are so carefully crafted and they're so fun to listen to! This track is the perfect tune for those casual road trips that haven't been planned out. For those videos that look back at all of your favorite moments from the year. For a quick pick-me-up. Realize you are doing your best. You're nearing your time to relax and breathe.

The song will be available on streaming platforms tomorrow (September 9th), and you can pre-save the track through this link! And don't forget to also follow your hands on Instagram to stay in touch with him and his music!

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