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Flashback Friday - Foals' "My Number"

I remember 10 years ago hearing this song for the first time on my local alternative radio station back in Buffalo, NY... it was my first introduction to Foals, and I immediately cemented this song in my memory as a Summer 2013 anthem even though it came out in December of 2012.

"My Number" is a song by British rock band Foals, released as the second single from their third studio album Holy Fire. The song debuted live on 13 November 2012 during the band's performance on "Later... with Jools Holland." The album was released a month after. The song reached number 23 on the UK Singles Chart becoming Foals' highest charting single to date. It is also the band's most successful single worldwide.

via Leif Podhajsky

As you first listen to pre-2013 Foals, you may hear inspiration from the likeness of Bono/U2. Yet, "My Number" comes across as something entirely different. At the time of release, "My Number" was the most "pop-ey" feeling song Foals had written. It grips the listener by jumping into the chorus within the first ten seconds and a consistent/rhythmic driving guitar riff. Foals' Drummer, Jack Bevans, said on the song, “We wanted it to be unashamedly what it is rather than covering it with foliage, essentially. There’s a lot of music out there that hints at being this big direct, massive riff or whatever but then there’s so much other stuff. A lot of bands seem to be ashamed that, if they write a proper riff they can’t focus on it." Foals' focus in this song is on that guitar riff that guides the entire song.

If you didn't grow up listening to alternative music and somehow missed this song- give it a listen! It is a great introduction song into the musical world of Foals, and you will instantly tell why this song is their most popular with almost 241 million streams on Spotify alone.

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