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False Idol by MARIS

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Fridays are our favorite day of the week. We get to check out new artists that pull us in immediately, just like MARIS has done with her latest single, "False Idol!" We've been singing its contagious energy ever since we hit play for the first time!

Courtesy of Caro Knapp (@madebycarolyn)

MARIS' vibe caught our eye immediately, as this song has an addictive melody to it. Its rhythm is like no other! We needed a song like this to start February in the best way possible. "False Idol" is all about that feeling we get when we idealize someone. We feel like we need their approval to just be a tiny representation of them, and this single talks about breaking away from that mentality to be your own hero. MARIS has learnt a lot during the creative process of this song, and we can't thank her enough for creating this type of melodies. Also, her vocals in this song are amazing, especially during the last chorus! MARIS has an incredible voice that you should check out!

"False Idol" also includes a music video that is not only visually stunning, but it also carries MARIS' feelings from when she was writing this single. We can see her dancing along her bop in a boxing ring while she channels her powerful energy along the song. We loved it!

MARIS will be releasing "Gravity," her debut EP, early this spring! We will be bopping to "False Idol" until then! Make sure to also follow her on her social media and get tickets for her Spring tour through this link!

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