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'Faith In The Future', A New Era For Louis Tomlinson + Review Of New Single 'Bigger Than Me'.

The long wait for a new album by Louis Tomlinson is finally over! On Wednesday morning (August 31st), he announced 'Faith In The Future,' his second studio album.

via Louis Tomlinson

"I'm so excited to finally tell you that my new album Faith In the Future is out 11th November," he wrote in his announcement post over social media. "After living with this album for a while I can't wait for you all to hear it. Thank you for allowing me to make the music I want to do."

It's been two years since 'Walls,' his first solo album, was released. Since then, Louis has made thousands of fans fall in love with his artistry and find comfort in the so-called fandom 'Louies'.

The build-up for the announcement couldn't make the fans more excited: There have been tweets that made fans question what 'Faith In The Future' meant, as it was shared last year without context, or his obsession with the number 369, to posting photos during a whole week on his YouTube Community page with hidden anagrams of the tracks' names, a link where fans could share a message to him and where they are from, and lastly, a countdown added to his website. The countdown was for the announcement of his lead single from this era, 'Bigger Than me'.

The album will include 14 tracks:

1. The Greatest

2. Written All Over Your Face

3. Bigger Than Me

4. Lucky Again

5. Face The Music

6. Chicago

7. Common People

8. Out Of My System

9. Angels Fly

10. Saturdays

11. Silver Tongues

12. She Is Beauty We Are World Class

13. All This Time

14. That's The Way Love Goes

The deluxe version will have two more songs, which names were not revealed.

'Bigger Than Me' Review

via Spotify

Louis shows us how much growth his vocals have gotten and how confident he is with himself and his artistry in the new track 'Bigger Than Me, marking the beginning of a new era.

The song was written by Louis, Rob Harvey, and Red Triangle, and produced by Mike Crossey (The 1975, Wolf Alice). The 00s rock influences make the song sound fresh and new.

The lyrics are easy to understand and they hit your heart, making you question your life as it talks about personal growth and how sometimes we trap ourselves in a box. How we view ourselves and how we think people should view us. Their opinions and our own views of ourselves feel exhausting. It feels like you can't move without questioning every outcome. As much as that is normalized now, we tend to follow those ideas so strictly that we can't evolve.

"When somebody told me I would change

I used to hide behind a smile

When somebody told me I would change

I was afraid, I don't know why

'Cause so does the world outside, I realised

And it's bigger than me

It's bigger than me

I've woken up from my sleep

It's bigger than me

It's bigger than me"

As the chorus and post-chorus say the world is bigger than us, life itself is bigger than us, so trapping ourselves in those limited beliefs of ourselves doesn't add anything to us. It just keeps us stuck in one place. Allowing yourself to change, grow, and explore it's what makes life worth living.

'Bigger Than Me' marks a new start in Louis' career and it gives a little taste of what's to come in 'Faith In The Future.' The song is available now on all streaming platforms.

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