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Eternal Vibes at 1904 as Epiiphany Took Stage

On January 25, Epiiphany took the stage at Jacksonville's 1904 venue, followed by Badguylex, Kovu & Zakk, Ayo Dylan, Billy Winfield, Fukkit, and Poorstacy. The energy was magnetic as fans of all the performers poured into the room. As the night went on, the room electrified and gained more energy in preparation for Poorstacy, who has recently gone on tour to the rest of Florida. Each performer brought their own special aspect to the concert, ranging from melodic vocals to high-energy anthems like Poorstacy's "Choose Life" which features Travis Barker in it's studio recording.

Epiiphany via Layla Brodbeck

The night started off with the laid-back rap vibes of Epiiphany, who is originally from California. Epiiphany is hearted in his message of being eternal and uplifting everyone around you. This truly was a launching point for Epiiphany as he takes the next steps and begins performing more shows. Epiiphany put out his most recent EP “141” in October of 2022, and it features 4 songs: "What am I afraid of?", "Fire in your eyes", "Everything goes back to you", and "whenwego.mp3". On Wednesday, Epiiphany performed 5 songs, only one of which is released: "Enjoying my day", which is an upbeat commentary that focuses on seeing the good in things and letting go.

Jacksonville has always had a very wide variety of music in its scene, ranging from soulful R&B to underground punk. It was interesting to see a crowd that I'm not usually a huge part of and how the crowd participated. The performers had amazing interactions with the crowd, and did some pretty amazing things like dancing on the bartop, and even breaking a microphone from joining the crowd in the pit! It was truly an unforgettable night and I can’t wait for more to come!

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