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Emily James Releases "Lovely Enough"

Emily James is an LA-based singer-songwriter who will be releasing an EP in June with the release of the single "Lovely Enough." This a lovely song to release at the end of Women's History Month!

'Lovely Enough' Cover Art

This single follows James' recent single 'Happy For Me" and her acclaimed Nettwerk debut, "Illuminate" (released July 2022). "Lovely Enough" is a song about exploring the pressures of being a woman and the fear of being "too much." Emily states: "It's very easy to go down a deconstructive path when you are so focused on pleasing everyone by trying to be the 'perfect' version of yourself and end up losing your true self in the process," which can be terrifying at times where you are being compared to what social media influencers look like or what the internet defines as "beauty" and being "perfect." When differentiating the song to her "Happy For Me," "Lovely Enough" is a bittersweet reminder to be your authentic self, and is all about finding the definition of what being "perfect" is, and not letting anyone compare you to what the internet says about the "perfection" of women or how to be "perfect" and lose yourself in the process of finding the true meaning of beauty, whereas "Happy For Me" is a single about letting go of what people think about your future when you can decide your own path and your own life and be happy for your accomplishments without letting your peers destroy your achievements.

You can check out Emily James' socials and discography here.

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