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Element by CHLOE STAR

Photo by Jorden Keith

It’s now 2023, which means another year for a new wave of music. The time for upcoming artists to make their big debut is ahead. 2022 was swamped with amazing tracks and new and upcoming artists in every genre, and 2023 is already looking to overcome it. One of these upcoming artists is Chloe Star, debuting with her trap-pop single, “Element,” on January 20th.

The song opens up with a catchy, bass-filled trap beat before transitioning into a mix of trap and bedroom pop-esque instrumentals. The single returns to the trap beats while it transitions into the chorus. Chloe’s smooth vocals lead the song's flow, along with the bass, which create an instantly recognizable and memorable sound. The song ends similarly to how it begins, creating a great sense of structure within the whole single. The lyrics are catchy and fun due to the lyricism and Chloe’s rhythmic vocals. The mixture of trap-style beats and dreamy pop vocals gives the song a very recognizable style, unique to Chloe’s music. “Element” is a song about feeling yourself and being carefree, and this theme shows within the lyricism and overall energy of the song. Chloe has created a track that is fun and unique to her style, and it's extremely catchy to listen to. While only her debut single, it already encapsulates her energy extremely well.

While some newer, upcoming artists may struggle with expressing their style. Chloe Star does not. Her music sticks out. I look forward to hearing more from Chloe, as her debut EP will be released later this year. “Element" has been playing in my head since my first listen.

You can support Chloe Star on her social media!

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