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Dylan Shares Her Growth While Creating "The Greatest Thing I'll Never Learn"

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Dylan is ready to keep on scratching the surface of her creativity and her musical depth. "The Greatest Thing I'll Never Learn" was released to the world on October 28th, and the British artist has realized who she is, who she wants to be, and the music she wants to write.


Dylan has been making huge changes in her sound since the beginning of her musical career. She was very influenced by other voices and lacked self-confidence in her projects. When the world shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dylan had the chance to revisit her original sound, and she fell in love with songwriting again, as she thought it went from being her favorite thing to being a tedious job. "I had some serious catching up to do, and I think that lockdown gave me that time to really try to get ahead," she explains. The pandemic has also helped her to do some introspection in her desire to become a better artist. Juggling social media and taking time to write her next songs were her biggest priority. "I think that my music would probably be terrible if it hadn't been for that sort of time that I had in my bedroom trying to finesse everything by myself," she says.

The creative process for "The Greatest Thing I'll Never Learn" was short, as she wrote all of the songs (except one) in the first three months of 2022. The title of the EP comes from her mom, as it's something that she would tell her while she was struggling with her friendships and her romantic relationships. Dylan defines the songs from this project as "honest, chaotic, and loud," and she can't wait to perform them live: "As I am writing, I imagine how it would sound [live], or where it should sit in the set live," she says.

Although she dreams big, Dylan says that the best advice she has received in her career has been to concentrate on the present moment and to take everything in. She learned that from superstar Ed Sheeran when they went on tour together. The duo will be performing together throughout the Mathematics US Tour next year! As her music has been very well-received by American fans, Dylan has expressed how excited she is to perform abroad.

"The Greatest Thing I'll Never Learn" is a vulnerable EP that made Dylan deal with her most honest feelings and emotions. You can listen to the EP here! You can also follow Dylan on all her socials and get tickets for her headline European tour by clicking here.

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