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Drinks & Dreams by Bella Rose

We love the amazing inspiration from the pop girlies lately, and we have your next anthem to blast through your speakers! "Drinks & Dreams" is the latest single by Bella Rose, and it will make you scream the lyrics and feel every single bit! There are so many details in this song that we love, and we're sure you will love them too!

via Bella Rose

Bella Rose is a Nashville-based artist, and she wrote this song with her songwriting partner and producer, Alex Bonyata. They're an amazing pair, ready to make a bigger mark in the music industry, as they started their musical duo called The Young Something when they met in the GRAMMY Museum's Music Revolution Program. They have been expanding their catalog as individual artists, and "Drinks & Dreams" is the perfect example of their artistry and teamwork.

The lyrics in this track remind us that we're free. We are not tied to anyone. Bella brings up the fact that we're deserving of something better. Even if it looks really sweet and tender at the beginning, we have to be cautious and realize our self-worth is also important and valuable. Bella's voice transports us to another universe: a place where we put ourselves first.

This song has so many little things that make it unique, fresh, and modern. The production and the layering of Bella's vocals throughout the last verse are absolutely amazing, and the hyped pre-chorus with the isolated "NO!" makes this track a must in our pop playlist! "Drinks & Dreams" is already in our heavy rotation. We can't get enough of it!

You can listen to the song here, and you can keep up with Bella and her socials by clicking here!

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