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"Dreamin of You" by Sxntry

"Dreamin of You" Cover Art

Sxntry releases his debut single "Dreamin of You" on August 4th. Jared Kay, the mastermind behind the project, is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. Jared gained popularity in the pop punk/emo community, touring with bands like Mayday Parade, Sum 41, Simple Plan, and Neck Deep. Using his roots in emo/pop-punk, Jared combines the sound with alternative pop/electronic music to create his own unique sound described as "a modern alternative sound filled with vibrant synth melodies, catchy sing-alongs, and powerful messages." The new single along with the project that is Sxntry is dedicated to the artist's late mother. On social media, he shares that his mother is the inspiration behind the song and the project by saying, "You were the first to believe I could do any of this decades ago. Regardless of where this project takes me, I know I've made you proud. Your memory is alive as long as I keep singing, and I don't intend to ever stop." Even though he is leaving the pop-punk sound behind, with Sxntry, Jared hopes his music still reaches those in the scene along with a new artist. His goal is to ultimately create music that gives back to the listeners and brings them happiness. After listening to his debut single, we can confirm that Sxntry is achieving this goal, and we are eager to listen to the music that is to come from Sxntry and see where this journey takes him and the memory of his mother.

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