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(Don't) Quit Your "Day Job:" Jayden Seeley Releases First Single

Cover Art from "Day Job"

Former With Confidence frontman Jayden Seeley releases his first solo song called "Day Job," featuring The Wrecks. The song features an upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics that will be stuck with you long after the song is over. It's a study in the dichotomy of working as an artist versus getting a typical day job. This is highlighted prominently in lyrics like "I spilled vodka Red Bull on her dissertation // she's got good information // she's been studying marks // sells her art on the internet and some by the shore // with paint she can't afford." It highlights the very real struggle of being an artist versus the need to make money with a "real" job.

Not only are the lyrics catchy as hell, but the music also brings an upbeat feel to the song that reminds me of relaxing days lounging by the beach... or dreaming about that while whittling away at a computer. The bridge has a cool whistling sound that emphasizes that laid back, carefree undertone of the song. While this is the first single on his solo career, it certainly won't be the last, as fans will want more after hearing this one!

Musaholic Magazine also had a chance to ask Jayden a few questions about what inspired the song, his dream vacation, and more! When asked what inspired "Day Job," the answer was a complete shock, but made sense the more I listened to the song. Jayden wrote the song along with Nick Anderson and Nick Cozine and is surprisingly about Sally from the tongue twister from "Sally Sells Seashells." They thought that Sally was a much cooler person than they were and the rest, as they say, is history.

We also learned that Jayden is not a fan of vodka, but loves sugar free and the blue Red Bull flavors, even though the song indicates he spilt a vodka Red Bull on Sally's transcript! Jayden says "I keep sugar free Red Bull in the studio, but that weird blue flavor slaps." Also, if you buy him a drink, get him a tequila and thank me later.

In speaking of his solo career, Jayden's three words to describe his music as "I'm Just Vibin'," and based on "Day Job," I think we can all agree that we're vibin' right along with him. In addition, he stated "[Fans] can expect the upbeat, fun energy you’d get from With Con, with a fresher, more alternative approach." He also says fans can expect lot of fun content on his socials that bring energy, emotion, and hooks. When asked what the hardest part of branching out into a solo career, Jayden had this to say:

Honestly working out what the sound of the project is. I wrote a lot of songs early this year and went through multiple stages. In the end I started just making stuff I thought was fun without overthinking it. I think that approach has always landed me with stuff I like the most.

This also aligns with his thoughts on what he would change in the music industry. He stated that, while TikTok and other social media platforms are great for getting your music out there, artists should be cognizant of thoughtfully and intentionally crafting their music. Artists should be artists and not just "another piece of content to push their career."

Life isn't just about working all the time, so we asked Jayden some fun questions as well! See below for what Jayden had to say about what's on his "on-repeat" playlist, dream vacation, and more.

Q: What’s your top five songs on your “on repeat” playlist?

A: Omg lol it’s all over the place -

All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow

Daylight - David Kushner

All Your’n - Tyler Childers


They Don’t Love It - Jack Harlow

Q: What was the first concert you ever went to?

A: It was The Veronicas in Sydney, Australia, when I was just a kid! They crushed. I had heart eyes for sure.

Q: If you could play any venue in the world and with any artist, dead or alive, what and who would it be?

A: I’m gonna say Third Eye Blind at the Hollywood Bowl. Massive fan of that band, and always wanted to play The Bowl. Would also be great to play and then drive home.

Q: What does your dream vacation look like?

A: I actually recently took it. I’d never gone on a vacation my whole life, and I went to Italy for a couple weeks and quite literally sat on the beach and relaxed. In the past I was constantly touring around the world, so any time off, I wanted to spend at home. The touring was incredible for traveling, but never felt like vacationing as we were always working.

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