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"Don't Fall Asleep" by Hunter Daily

Hunter Daily is a genre-shattering, upcoming pop artist, only just releasing her most recent single last September. She creates music to be a star in the dark skies, to be how her favorite artists are to herself. Daily's songwriting is compelling and beautiful, her instrumental and vocal styles also being very unique. Her style takes the best of 2000s dream-bedroom pop and blends it together with 1960s Laurel Canyon, creating an inventive, modern folk-pop soundscape. Her stylistic choices are slightly reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers or Julien Baker, but she creates her own style while having that same sort of indie, dream pop musical style.

Her song, "Don't Fall Asleep", begins with a soft instrumental before breaking into Hunter Daily's soft, pop vocals. The instrumental stops during the first verse before picking back up, doing an amazing job of highlighting Daily's vocal melody. This happens a few times within the song; the instrumental won't fully stop, but it quiets down during certain verses. This stylistic choice helps to highlight the verses even more from the chorus, creating a good sense of balance within the song. This pattern continues throughout the song, also helping to further the song's melody, making it very catchy and memorable. The repetitiveness of the chorus helps to create this great melody, helping to make the chorus's lyrics very memorable.

To follow more of Hunter Daily's growing musical journey, you can follow her Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube! She also has an official website that has tour dates, videos, and more.

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