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Don't be Afraid to Get "Loud" with The Home Team

The four-piece band out of Seattle, The Home Team, have released their latest single "Loud." The band is comprised of: vocalist Brian Butcher, guitarist John Baran, drummer Daniel Matson, and bassist Ryne Olsen.

The song is a groovy, pop-rock tune with Butcher's distinctive vocals. It has a bass-heavy, catchy beat that had me bopping my head and shaking my booty from beginning to end. There's an unmistakable sensual undertone to the song as the song has an obvious sexual nature to it, particularly with lyrics like "you understand me // when you're underneath me." Butcher states, "Loud" is also about "finding your confidence in giving 110% to things that may be outside of your immediate comfort zone.” I'm 66% sure this song will be stuck in my head for a while!

In addition to the song release, The Home Team also released a video to match. It has a mid-1990's VH1/MTV vibe that I was absolutely digging. About halfway through, the video has all the band members in track suits dancing with little pop-up text bubbles with facts about the members as well as the choreographer and director. Who knew they all had those dance moves?!? Be sure to check it out below!

Ready to get loud in person? The Home Team will be joining Honey Revenge to support The Used December 4th-9th in the UK. You can get tickets here.

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