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do you wanna take a listen? “do you wanna” by Binta

The world has expanded its music genres throughout its whole creation. From jazz to pop, pop to alternative, and more. People worldwide can listen to any type of music they’d prefer. Today, we will be diving into the world of futuristic pop music of Binta and the new release of her music video “do you wanna.”

Courtesy of BINTA’s Instagram (@bintabeeee)

The music video starts out in black and white, with futuristic filters covering the screen. Binta shows off her outstanding vocals with ad-libs coming through as she appears on the screen. As we continue into the video, the beat begins creating an upbeat electronic sound. The lyrics open up with Binta asking: “I can’t wait, don’t you wanna take me far away?” Her vocals are silky, creating a beautiful flow between her voice and the beat. As she sings, the black-and-white world of the video turns into a colorful world, alternating between the world that's black and white versus when she is on screen that is filled with a beautiful, radiant palette. The vision simulated to me that the world would be black and white without her in your life, and I couldn’t agree more. The chorus is repeated with the question “do you wanna?” until we get to the second verse. Within the music video, we meet new individuals who take Binta to a vibrant party. Filled with purples and pinks, they enter a new world of fun and excitement to escape the world of solitude. After adventuring to this party, there was no more sight of the black and white we saw previously in the video, creating a sense of the world that was once sorrowful by being with the ones that make her happy. The outro echoes the question of “do you wanna?” once more, showing the livelihood of the gathering. In the end, she puts up a heart, and the lights fade out. The overall experience of watching the music video is lovely, as you can interpret the song and video in many ways.

Gambian and London-based artist Binta is signed with LA-based label, Mind Of a Genius. Before signing to this label, Binta put out her own EP “Limbo,” which consisted of eight tracks. Please support Binta and her music in the upcoming months!

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