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"Devil In The Mirror" by Karen Harding

As we enter the end of the year's first quarter, music has been thriving, stretching through all genres, from K-pop to classical. Today we’ll shine the light on the artist Karen Harding and her newest indie-pop single, “Devil In The Mirror.”

Cover art, courtesy of Karen Harding

The song starts off with hard-hitting drums followed by the futuristic sounds of the piano. Karen comes in booming with melodic vocals. Karen admits: “The reflection is a stranger, a lie, telling me I’m not good enough, I wanna cry” as we head into the first chorus. The sound feels like an 80s horror movie, giving me chills as she states: “There’s a devil in the mirror, telling me I’m not good enough.” The futuristic feel within the chorus is beautiful, creating the perfect picture of that feeling of want and desperation. Leading into the second verse, Karen admits: “I wish that I could break free from her hold, but she’s a part of me, a story to be told." The bridge's lyrics “I don’t want to live in this illusion. I want to be true to myself” stick out to me. The intenseness in her voice drew me into each lyric, desperation to be her own person coming out. She threatens “I’ll break the mirror, I'll make a revolution” before the last chorus comes again. Each lyric sticks to me as the chorus is super catchy and can be stuck in my head for hours on end. The song comes to a planned abrupt stop, letting each note and lyric linger in the air. Overall, the song's catchy beat and attention-grabbing lyrics made this song one to add to the playlist.

“Devil In The Mirror” is Australian artist Karen Harding’s first release of 2023, having released songs in the past two years as she debuted in 2021 with the song “I Didn’t Realise.” This song is different from her other releases by having more of an upbeat melody compared to some of her slower tunes. Karen released this song wanting to spread the message of breaking free from society's expectations, being the person you want to be and not the person those around you expect you to be. Karen has previously won many awards, including the 2021 Bendigo Bank talent show as well as being nominated for Best International Artist at the Crags Radio Independent Artist Awards. Harding wishes to continue her musical journey and will continue pursuing this dream. Please make sure to check out Karen Harding’s work!


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