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Deadbeat Girl Releases "What Will It Take?" EP

Deadbeat Girl is a 19-year-old Florida-bred singer-songwriter and producer who is now based in New York. They got inspiration from 90's grunge artists like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Death Cab for Cutie, which has lead to the creation of epic sound with their gorgeous vocal talent and raw songwriting. They are determined to carry a message of acceptance through their music for anyone who needs to hear it.

'What Will It Take' EP Cover

"What Will It Take?" is a five-track EP that is a poignant coming-of-age moment in their journey, with the lead track "These Walls," as they take on heartache, early relationships and the obstacles that they face of growing up queer. During the process of writing the EP, they had to experiment on some genres that can be used (like alt-rock, 90's pop, grunge, and so much more)

Here is what we think of the EP (track-by-track): Track 1: This track is about wanting to go back and relive those memories of the past relationships that you had.

Track 2: This track is about exploring a painful relationship. The lyrics are about capturing a situation where someone doesn't treat you well, but you let them get away with the feeling that "you are lovely" and that they still care for you.

Track 3: This track has a 90's vibe to it. This track is about a situation of getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship.

Track 4: This track has a indie-alt pop vibe to it, and it's about getting over heartache, early relationships and the obstacles that they face of growing up queer.

Track 5 (DEMO): Even though this song is a demo, this song has a grunge-pop genre with a mix of indie-pop genre, and it's about wanting the past relationship to be forgotten and to move on from i

You can check out Deadbeat Girl's socials/discography/website here!

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