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Currents Show New Yorkers Exactly What They Seek!

After a very chaotic and delayed start, I finally arrived at the sold-out Gramercy Theater in New York City. I was just barely able to catch the end of the set for Like Moths to Flames and, wow, the energy was insane!

Originally starting back in 2010, the band mentioned playing in New York quite a bit. The band has earned a reputation for consistency, becoming a mainstay of the metalcore scene through various member changes. This was evident given the control this band had on the crowd, and how comfortable they were while interacting with crowd surfers and moshers. Lead singer Christopher Roetter even directed moshers during one of their final songs as if he was conducting an orchestra. All in all, from what I could catch, they had an amazing opening performance. Hopefully, I can see a performance in full sometime in the future.

Now, this was my first time ever seeing Currents live, and, wow, was it an amazing show. This was the second show of their 2023 The Death We Seek Tour. It was also their second show in a row to be sold out! Let me tell you: These fans did not disappoint. We’ve all been to those sold-out shows where there are only a few songs that really make the fans go nuts, or specially more common now, where the fans will only know the songs that get popular on social media, and that’s it. This show had every single person in that theater screaming along to all the songs. It was insane.

by Helena Tankosic

Fans all the way in the back where the seating area starts were thoroughly engaged, and most stood for the entire performance. Even the bartenders were mouthing along! The band’s songs hit even harder in person than in recorded versions. The band didn’t sacrifice their quality of instrumentals when blending the chugging guitar riffs in the process. The vocals shone through and were well-balanced between gritty and melodic. Throughout the whole performance, every member carried an insane amount of energy. Bass player Christian Pulgarin jumped around the stage as if it wasn’t a solid floor under him but a trampoline instead. From the mosh pits to the crowd surfing, the up close and personal interaction between barricade fans and lead vocalist Brian Wille, and the post-show one-on-one meet and greets with multiple members, I can definitely say this has been one of my favorite shows I’ve attended. Currents knows exactly how to put on a good show and how to keep people coming back for more.

All photos are by Helena Tankosic

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