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Corduroy Beach: The New Alt Grunge Band From Atlanta

Tell us a little bit of your background! How did you guys come together to form Corduroy Beach?

via Alex Valverde (@casioflux on Instagram)

Marcelo : Well Dylan and I have both been in bands together since high school but this one was different because it was such a huge collaborative effort. There wasn't anyone who didn't have a say in how it sounded and what we did, we all just made parts and stitched it together like a quilt.

All of the members from the band have different musical inspirations. How do they come together when you guys are creating your music?

Marcelo: You know we’re all from different socioeconomic cultures and upbringings, and I think the similarities in our taste pulled us together but more so the differences we have as people help us divert into different sounds. But yeah Easton is a lot more into the 90s metal stuff which makes him a kickass drummer, Cassity loves grunge and blues which definitely makes him a fantastic guitarist who can really get into the music. Abram loves the really psychedelic stuff so we get this layer of ambient noise that takes you to another planet. Dylan loves similar stuff to Abram and he’s a monster at weird cool melodies. I just love grooves, especially those in the 80s from the British new wave era. All together we make this familiar wall of sound that you can't and don’t want out of your head.

How do you guys enter your writing sessions? Do you brainstorm ideas together or do you follow a single theme (for example: "Let's write about this (love, hate, any other feeling/experience) today.")?

Marcelo: It's more so one of us has something like a riff or a chord progression and we each build off of it. I think the lyrics are subconscious because when we try to think about it we can tie it to something we have or are going through, but at the time it's not something we typically think about during the process.

What are your essentials that have to be in your basement during a writing/recording session?

Marcelo: Water and Gatorade. We go crazy during these practices and sessions and we all get dehydrated after about 20 minutes into whatever we decided to do that day.

How did "Natural Disaster" come along? Any fun stories while creating the song?

Marcelo: So it was pretty funny looking back. Dylan had this cool guitar part he came up with and I had recently watched a Charles Manson interview, and one line he said that stuck was “I can be what you want me to be.” Which for some reason worked great with the structure for that riff. Easton says he’s not a writer but he wrote the chorus to Natural Disaster and made the most catchy fuckin chorus any of us have written. It also took like 2 months to record due to us being such perfectionists we didn’t want to stop until everything hit just right.

What's your favorite song you've released so far?

Marcelo: Probably “You”. It is just so fun to play live and it sounds so ethereal and loud. Also definitely my favorite lyrics we’ve written for a song by far.

You guys work, go to school full time and create music together. What is one piece of advice you would like to tell other artists that are in the same boat as you?

Marcelo: Definitely practice good time management haha. It is so hard sometimes but if it’s something that means the world to you, it won't be hard to make the sacrifices needed to pursue it.

What's a music style that you guys would love to dive more into? (Either on the songs you create or listening to more tracks of a specific genre).

Marcelo: Definitely like just psychedelia as a whole. We recently have been listening to a lot of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and we love how trippy and eclectic it all sounds.

What do you guys like to do together outside of writing/recording your music?

Marcelo: Eat tacos and thrift. We play Minecraft together too haha.

Fun question: Who would you like to collaborate with? (Dead or alive).

Marcelo: I’d have to say our friend Heather from the Atlanta band Envilittle. She’s crazy talented and makes incredible songs. She's suuuuuper into grunge and 90s alternative, and I feel like she could give us such a dope range between genres. Hiii Heather.



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