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Continuing Where He Left Off: A Dive Into Kanii’s Newest EP “It Was Nice Knowing U”

18-year-old, underground artist Kanii has been on a steady growth of fame since his hit single “I Know” took TikTok by storm, and charted across the boards, but he is much more motivated to decline the title of a "one-hit wonder," as his newest EP release it was nice knowing u takes him to new heights in solidifying his name in the music world.

Kanii’s recent line of single releases such as “sins” and “marry me” easily proved his potential leading up to the release, even acquiring a remixed feature from Trippie Redd, one of the top artists from the SoundCloud generation. This alone was enough to give Kanii the title of a true hit-maker.

With his newest EP release, it was nice knowing u, Kanii had a real chance to expand his name, coming off some great releases, and that is exactly what he did. With his mix on a Dance genre-based album, Kanii, combined with his unique vocals, truly brought together one of the more creative collections of songs we have seen this year. Not only does this music make you want to get up and dance, but his crafty storytelling weaved throughout the 8 tracks formulates an innovative vision a large handful of artists sometimes struggle to create.

Artist Kanii - Photographed Via / Warner Records Press

Tracks such as “pretty photos” and “nightctwaler” seem to involve a unique influence/similarity from Tory Lanez’s Alone at Prom album, with its vibey echo-based vocals, and 80’s remixed beat selection, a difficult sequence of music to truly create but beautifully produced throughout the threading of the EP. Kanii also has an extremely well-formulated opening track with the same title as the EP it was nice knowing u, where the story of heartbreak begins, as the rest of the EP transforms into a story of moving past and growing as a person through reflection and love-telling, and in Kanii’s case, growing as an artist. With a collection of three formerly released singles, alongside five new songs, this EP brings the listener through a journey that Kanii paints on an open canvas of creativity.

Kanii’s journey is definitely one to keep track of, as he shows some serious potential at such an early age. I would definitely suggest you follow along, and take a listen to his newest release it was nice knowing u on all available platforms!

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