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Concert Etiquette 101

We all love live music, that’s why we’re here. Seeing your favorite artists in person is a thrill like no other. But whether your next concert is your first show ever or you’re an avid live-music junkie, we can all use a refresher on things to do (and not to do) at a show to make everyone’s experience a memorable one.

via Madison Maynard

Let’s start with what not to do:

1. DON’T push your way in front of people (this goes for any venue that has a non-seated general admission section, but it is especially true if you’re in a small venue with not much room to move). It’s just rude, and people will definitely give you the side eye or have not-so-kind things to say about/to you.

2. DON’T film or photograph the shows with your flash on. Taking pictures and videos are great ways to remember everything, but make sure that your flash is turned off so that you don’t disturb the artist or the people around you. Also, try to be present for the moment and soak up all of the fun you can!

3. DON’T throw things on stage or at the artist. This should probably be common sense, but recall what happened at one of Harry Styles’ shows in October 2022. A fan threw a Skittle onstage, hitting him in the eye. Throwing objects on stage, no matter the intention, can be dangerous for the artists. They can slip on them, the item can hit them and injure them, or they could trip over something. It’s just good practice to refrain from throwing things.

Now for the fun part… things you should do at a concert:

1. Take pictures with your friends! Do you have an extra cute outfit on? Take a picture! Do you and your friends' makeup look extra good tonight? Take a picture! Want a picture with the super awesome stage set up in the background? Take a picture! Capture these special moments with your group, you only live once!

2. Be present at the moment. You may have waited a long time to see your favorite artist in person, soak everything in. The atmosphere, the lights, everyone singing along… All of it works together to create a special memory of the night.

3. Sing! This may seem silly, but sometimes it's easy to become enthralled with the performances that you forget to sing along. This could be one of your only chances to see your favorite songs performed live, so sing sing sing!

4. Film your favorite song. My favorite rule of thumb for finding a line between being present at the moment and still capturing things that you may want to look back on is to film a few of your favorite songs. I usually stick to three songs, but I try to space them out so that I'm not consistently staring at my phone screen.

In conclusion, just be kind and considerate to the people around you. That’s usually the best way to meet people, and who knows? You may meet your best friend in the pit of a concert! Remember to have fun, be present, and sing your heart out.

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Only thing you didn’t discuss is while waiting in line-make friends with the people around you. Music is the connection.

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