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Coast by Hailee Steinfeld

Coast cover art via Spotify

Hailee’s Steinfeld starts her next musical chapter through the release of “Coast” on July 29th. The track marks the end of her two-year gap since her latest release.

Steinfeld combines summertime vibes with adventurous lyrics. The song compares the passion between two individuals with beach-like elements, such as “cruising with the moves” and “letting the riptide pull you close.” These connections help the track to get that double meaning to be a catchier summer tune. Warm affection is at the center of the track, no matter temperature or location, and it helps to fulfill that dream of getting close to someone during those summer nights. The song continues to flow through the second verse thanks to Anderson .Paak’s feature, which adds a speedier mood to the song. .Paak.’s part also introduces an extended version of the chorus that will repeat again later on in the song. The bridge makes Steinfeld’s low vocals to be the main focus before exploding into the last chorus with higher harmonies. The highlighted guitar instrumentals and the background vocals throughout the chorus tie it all together to make this song a perfect track to listen to while driving along the beach.

Steinfeld has been building high expectations about the song on social media. She teased the track back in April, and she has been explaining how “Coast” is “her favorite song she’s ever worked on.” She has also teased how this track marks the beginning of a new era. Her long-awaited musical return has come to fruition for the sunny season.

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