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CLE MOSH Rocks the Winter Season With Left To Suffer, Tallah, Chamber, and More!

Returning for their second year in a row, the newly spawned metalcore heavy fest CLE MOSH perfectly rounds out the concert season in Ohio. Located in the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern in Lakewood, Ohio, the 12 bands are split between two separate stages, the main Gore Cult stage, and the secondary, more intimate Tavern stage, located in the tavern section of the Beachland.

With doors opening at 3 pm, the full fest, consisting of 12 bands in one day-December 9th, 2023-the first band, 6deep, began on the Tavern stage at 4 pm. The energy from both the crowd and the band themselves was impassioned. A pit immediately opened, taking up nearly the entire width of the room. Following 6deep was Fight From Within, a non-local metalcore band hailing from New York. Although CLE MOSH is a local Ohio fest, many non-local bands came this year in comparison to the previous years of CLE MOSH. Bands, such as Tracheotomy, came from Florida, and they, as well as, Mouthbreather, Chamber, and Tallah were all on tour with Left to Suffer, the 2023 fest's headliner.

Following Tracheotomy's performance that began at 6:40 pm, Chamber began at 7:50 pm, being the third to last act on the Gore Cult stage. Chamber continued to keep the energy rising throughout the venue, even with the crowd having gone between both stages while viewing all of these talented bands. Tallah came on next at 9:00 pm, and they continued to raise the energy levels even more. One of the members of the band would often join the mosh pit on the floor as well, further exciting the crowd and creating an even more interactive experience, even though they were performing on a larger stage.

Finally, at 10:35 pm, 7 hours past doors open, the headliner, Left To Suffer, took the stage. I was unaware of what to expect, as with both this band and all of the previous bands, I had listened to very little. With no further ado, I was extremely pleased with Left To Suffer's performance, as well as, the energy the crowd had for this band. Being in and around the crowd and feeling the energy (even if I was shying away from the pit) was exciting, and Left To Suffer's performance fully delivered. I could hear my eardrums rattling (which may partially have been my fault, due to forgetting to wear earplugs while standing directly next to the speakers), and I was amazed at the performance they put on.

For being a newer festival, CLE MOSH has the feeling of one that has been around for a while, and one I feel will continue to stay and grow for years to come. Although the fest has only been around for 2 years now, I wholeheartedly believe that CLE MOSH can and will become one of Ohio's most influential metal festivals. The whole experience was amazing from the music to the crowd to the location, and I cannot wait to see what the next year has in store for CLE MOSH 2024.


Fight From Within





The Dead Don't Sleep


Audience Of Rain


A Sense Of Purpose

Left To Suffer

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