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Claire Guerreso surely won't let you down with her newest single "The Let Down"

Courtesy of Claire's Instagram (@i_am_claire)

In the midst of the new year, the music scene of 2023 has set the bar high with many releases shocking the world with different sounds and lyrics that strike the heart. All around the world, many artists have taken the stage, showcasing their newest hits. Singer and songwriter Claire Guerreso follows that wave, releasing her newest single “The Let Down” on February 3rd. The song starts off with a chilling and haunting beat, similar to the ones of the artist Ruelle, followed by the drums that lead into her breathtaking vocals. In the background, you can hear a voice swinging beautiful adlibs, as it leads into the chorus. The chorus repeats itself going into its second verse then an instrumental break appears letting the drums and guitar take lead as the chorus is repeated once more in the distance. The lyrics to the song are sorrowful, having a message of feelings many people have felt in their lives. The song’s haunting beat sends goosebumps, making this song one that can be repeated for hours on days.

Guerreso has dipped her songwriting skills into many different genres like pop, indie rock, EDM, house, alternative, and more while showcasing her music for shows like Pretty Little Liars, Lucifer, The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, Lucifer, Reign, Shades of Blue, World Beyond, American Ninja Warrior, and many more. As of now, she is currently writing more songs for her newest project which is set to be released later on this year.

You can follow Claire on her social media and listen to more of her music right here!

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