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Chase Matthew & Kidd G: Columbia, Missouri

January 18th, 2023 was definitely a night to remember in Mizzou central, aka Columbia, Missouri. On the first stop of Chase Matthew’s tour with Kidd G and Avery Anna.

via Day Adams

The line was around the block for doors to open at The Blue Note, the second doors opened you could hear the rumble of fans yelling out for Avery to set the stage.

The staff of the venue was incredibly sweet to me and other fans at all times. There was one security guard that stuck out to me. He made sure I was alright at all times, got me in early, and helped me through the very tight pit for the best photos.

This was Avery’s first-ever tour since going viral on the social media platform, TikTok. She is eighteen years of age and a recent high school graduate. She set the mood for the entire night with her very angelic voice. In the pit, I heard a lot of talk about how excited the fans were to see Avery Anna perform live. The roar of excitement when Avery asked who was excited for Kidd G was astonishing. The crowd was extremely excited to be there for the start of the tour.

For Kidd G, this was not his first rodeo; Kidd G has been touring for a few years. The Georgia native set the stage with an energy that persisted throughout the night. He made sure to interact with any fans interacting with him. This nineteen-year-old really had the crowd stirring up energy for Chase Matthew to start his set shortly after.

I will always remember the moment Chase hit the stage for the show. His band, who I had met prior in the balcony, set the stage first. They got the crowd excited for who they all had come for, Mr. Chase Matthew. The audience had a fever for Chase to perform that chilly Wednesday night.

The twenty-year-old Tennessee native, Chase Matthew set the stage for the night for everyone in the audience. Chase is mostly known on TikTok for the black dress trend with his song “Love You Again”. He hit the stage and got the energy fully rolling. He interacted with fans with Instagram and TikTok videos along with a bunch of selfies from the stage. During “Love You Again” he told every audience member to take out their phones and get on TikTok to make it viral on TikTok once more. Even I took out my phone to post it on TikTok. Later in the set, he invited Kidd G out to perform a song along with him. They both flung water out and the audience loved it. If you were like me, in the splash zone, it was not the best thing in the world. At the end of the concert, Chase performed his number one hit, "County Line". The crowd went wild for the song. I was even excited to hear the famous song performed live.

In total, the first night of Chase Matthew’s tour with Kidd G and Avery Anna was quite an amazing experience for all. I would strongly recommend going to see Chase on this tour if you have the opportunity to do so.

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