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Charlotte was “Fired Up” for Plain White T’s

Plain White T’s hit the stage in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 3rd, 2024. This was the 9th stop on their Fired Up North American Tour. They were joined by Pollyanna that night and will have them open for the rest of their tour. 

Pollyanna came on stage with a great attitude and a ton of energy. The New Jersey punk band (whose members include Jill Beckett, Jack Rose, Dan McCool, and Brandon Bolton) had the crowd jumping within a few seconds of their set. They gave a huge shout out to Charlotte for being one of their favorite cities on this tour so far, which got the crowd screaming. It was fairly cold outside, but Pollyanna got everyone warmed up. They included an acoustic song in the middle of their set, which gave the crowd a breather, but immediately picked the crowd back up with the second half.  I think Pollyanna was a great choice in opening for Plain White T’s. I look forward to diving more into their music!

Plain White T’s started off their set with a pre-recorded audio message for the fans, asking them to help them make their setlist for the night. Fans were directed to go to to vote between three songs to add to the setlist. While voting, fans were entered into a drawing to win a setlist signed by the entire band. After some time for voting, the alternative rock band joined each other on stage with their opening song, “Our Time Now.” They made a special note to introduce their third song of the night, “Fired Up," since it was their favorite song off the album. They loved it so much that they decided to name the whole tour in honor of it. Most of the songs they played were from their most recent self titled album, Plain White T’s, released last year, including “Young Tonight,” “A Little Less Alone,” “Red Flags,” “Spaghetti Tattoo,” and “Happy” to name a few. They played a few hits off their albums, All That We Needed (released in 2005), Every Second Counts (released in 2006), and their EP released in 2013 titled Should Have Gone to Bed. Fans were very excited to hear some of their older hits, like “The Giving Tree,” “Revenge,” and “1,2,3,4” mixed in with their most recent songs! Lead singer, Tom Higgenson, kept the crowd engaged and active by asking them to participate in some calls and responses throughout the show. The band and crowd was electric. I could hear them through my ear plugs (this is your reminder to wear ear plugs at shows to avoid damaging your ears)! They made sure to talk with the crowd every few songs, making the show feel a little more personable. Much like their opener, they mixed their setlist extremely well. There were slower, more relaxed songs mixed in between their faster and more upbeat ones. Towards the later end of their set, they made sure to thank old fans for continuing to come out, as well as being surprised and appreciative of the newer fans who were attending one of their shows for the first time!

There are still 10 dates left on their tour, so be sure to snag a ticket. The band is still killing it in their long career, even after adding new members to the mix over the years. Plain White T’s will be on tour in the United States until the end of February before heading to Brazil for the first part of March. You definitely don’t want to miss this tour!

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