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"Changing" by Finish Ticket

"Changing" Cover Art

Finish Ticket makes a comeback to the indie-pop scene in a big way releasing new music for the first time in three years following their teaser of "Rough Patch," released on Youtube earlier this month, revealing on Twitter as a response to the panic attacks they had been experiencing. The band out of San Francisco, known for touring with Twenty One Pilots on their Blurryface Tour in 2015, describes this as an appropriate introduction to the new era of Finish Ticket, and within this new era, "Changing" is the latest single that the band has released on July 21st to share with their fans that the new song is just the beginning. As the cover art demonstrates, we think that "Changing" is a great song to play while you sit on the beach at dusk and contemplate life with the sounds of the ocean all around, the warm air blowing, and the sand beneath your feet. The lyrics beautifully describe the emotions that come with aging and the choices we make in life. The new song is available to stream on all platforms, and Finish Ticket can currently be found on tour with Arrows in Action for The Built To Last Tour. If you have ever found yourself faced with an existential crisis and needing some kind of catharsis, we recommend listening to "Changing" and hearing the song live by catching Finish Ticket on tour now through August 11th, or at Lollapalooza on August 3rd.

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